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Severe damage to large venous vessels from multiple trauma or accidental complications from surgery can cause massive bleeding resulting in death.
Age distribution according to reason for admission indicated that multiple trauma patients were significantly younger (37.
For any patient suffering from multiple trauma, the issue of pregnancy isn't one we consider," he added.
A post-mortem showed that both men would have died instantly, Mr Smith from multiple trauma and Mr Marney from haemorragic shock.
Low total and actin-free Gc-globulin concentrations, the latter being an index of residual actin-scavenging capacity, have been demonstrated to be prognostic markers in situations of severe organ damage, such as fulminant hepatic failure (13,14), acetaminophen (paracetamol) overdose (15), multiple trauma (16), and multiple organ failure (8,17).
Emergency room physicians, trauma surgeons, anesthesiologists, and especially otolaryngologists should maintain a high level of awareness of and suspicion for laryngotracheal trauma whenever a patient presents with multiple trauma in general or with cervical trauma in particular.
Post mortems blamed multiple trauma for the birds' deaths, caused by a heavy blow.
Chakraborty is completing a study of genomic factors contributing to sepsis in patients with multiple trauma or pneumonia.
In their comments, the investigators question whether the access of some Americans to multiple trauma centers may be excessive, and whether "appropriate limits" on the number of centers could increase patient volumes and thus improve the quality of care--questions that both Dr.
Kramer was in critical condition late Tuesday at Sacred Heart Medical Center and died of multiple trauma.
Bone LB, McNamara K, Shine B, et al: Mortality in multiple trauma patients with fractures.
The percentage of isolated TBI versus TBI with multiple trauma was similar in both HC and CP groups.

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