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The instrument for this study was 2008 WASSCE multiple-choice Biology paper.
Not only is there a huge difference in the level of mathematics and science rigor in these advanced courses in comparison to Physical Sciences classes, but also there is a tendency spurred on by the textbook of the course to use Multiple-Choice test questions as the mechanism of choice for evaluating students in these courses.
All of the students' answer sheets from the 9 tests, consisting of 531 multiple-choice questions, were reviewed for erasures.
This study guide provides 190 multiple-choice and short-answer questions for practicing the analysis of limits on the criminal sanction, elements of the offense, parties to crimes, inchoate offenses, specific crimes, causation, and defenses.
To meet deadlines for submission of results as well as the ease of scoring, the objective test type, especially the multiple-choice format, has become very versatile in terms of popularity and use in school-based and large-scale assessment (Asim and Joshua, 2003; Gronlund, 1985; Omoifo, 2005).
Psychologists as educators have been comfortable with the multiple-choice evaluation format because of its advantageous properties: high reliability, ease of administration, and minimal bias in scoring (Handleman, 1977).
The test includes a multiple-choice questionnaire and a hazard perception video.
The great advantage of multiple-choice questions is it is a very quick way of covering a large area of the syllabus and it is very easy to mark.
Deserving of ongoing recommendation is Beyond the Bubble Grades 2-3: How to Use Multiple-Choice Tests to Improve Math Instruction.
The competition will be held in one theoretical stage and all the questions will be in the form of multiple-choice ones.
NI candidates start with a medium testlet (group of multiple-choice questions), but how they perform on that first group determines how difficult the next two testlets will be.

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