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The emerging world has gained importance in recent decades both in terms of population size and its rapidly rising share in the world's GDR The increased multipolarity both within Europe as well as at the global level certainly constitutes a major challenge for the functioning of future international cooperation.
It may seem overly whiggish to say so, but assuming that we keep on hiring as we have been, and that we continue to insist on substantive multipolarity and methodological catholicity as organizing principles, I, for one, can not wait to see what the next 50 years will bring.
Kupchan, "After Pax Americana: Benign Power, Regional Integration, and the Sources of Stable Multipolarity," International Security, Vol.
In the current world, the global trends toward multipolarity and economic globalization are deepening.
While officially China is committed to peaceful development in order to achieve great-power status and usher in an era of multipolarity, Chinas actions with respect to preserving the integrity of its core interests seem to complicate that narrative.
The framework suggests that the President is more prone to deviate from congressional interests under unipolarity than multipolarity.
Crisis-prone global economy, governance gap, potential for increased conflict: Will multipolarity lead to a collapse or a greater resilience in the global economy?
Transatlantic economic challenges in an era of growing multipolarity.
By reading Kautilya (and other texts like the Shantiparva of the Mahabharata) "one is also reminded of the rich experience in our tradition of multipolarity, of asymmetries in the distribution of power, of debate on the purposes of power (where dharma is defined), of the utility of force, and of several other issues with contemporary resonance," Menon concluded.
This theory stems from the fact that unipolarity is over, in parallel to the emergence of a stage of multipolarity which is allowing the rise of new regional powers with strategies and interests extending beyond the region's interests.
ATER THE UNIPOLAR moment, and past the zero-polar intermission, multipolarity is the most likely configuration of power: It is not in place yet, but its time is coming.
Globalisation and the development of multipolarity of the contemporary world at the beginning of the 21st century have made international relations more complex than they were in the 20th century.