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Edvard . 1863--1944, Norwegian painter and engraver, whose works, often on the theme of death, include The Scream (1893); a major influence on the expressionists, esp on die Br?cke


To transform information in a serial fashion, often requiring large amounts of computation. To trace down a data structure. Related to crunch and nearly synonymous with grovel, but connotes less pain.

Often confused with mung.
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VILLAGE GREEN: The cast of The Litter Muncher musical at Golcar Junior, Infant and Nursery School
For more information, or to schedule an interview with Jonathan Barbee, call 205-533-9905 or with David Muncher, call 888-417-2822.
The Mono Series 'A' Muncher offers a reliable and economical solution to the problem of reducing food waste.
NYSE: TLC) today launched "Trivia Munchers Deluxe" under the MECC brand.
Research commissioned by Fyffes showed that while most people fell into one of the five personality types, 40 per cent of all Britons were munchers.
The MECC titles included in the top 100 during the November-December 1995 period were: Oregon Trail II (second), The Oregon Trail (11th), Africa Trail (38th), The Amazon Trail (42nd), Math Munchers Deluxe (56th), MayaQuest: The Mystery Trail (68th), Opening Night (73rd), Story Book Weaver Deluxe (74th), and Yukon Trail (84th).
They claim to have identified a new type of consumer - the muncher
Anyway, the potholes and cobbles at low speed don't make for comfort on this mile muncher that has cult classic status.
A WORLD record attempt to get the largest number of people to eat jam tarts simultaneously failed yesterday - but the marvellous munchers still had a great day out.
Lead researcher Gudrun Sproesser of the University of Konstanz, in Germany, said that both skippers and munchers have their 'soft spot' for food, they just show different compensatory eating patterns in response to positive and negative situations.
Film fan fears Popcorn munchers hope future of cinema is secure