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In the other, courtroom-sketch artists followed Scharlin through her quotidian tasks, depicting the mundanities of her day from getting up to going shopping.
It ruminates everything from daily mundanities to nude rattlesnake encounters, hallucinated political revolutionaries, and cautionary tales about social media and romance.
in short, the normal mundanities I generally manage to hide from sprung to the foreground, and I didn't like it.
It's more those grating everyday mundanities so beloved of parents and elderly relatives everywhere.
He said the secret of the group's success was "delving into the mundanities of the operation" to cut costs and improve service.
Or, would you simply employ someone to sweep away all the mundanities on your behalf, leaving you free to wallow undisturbed in pounds 50 notes while sipping the finest champagne (opened and served by someone else, of course)?
EastEnders, Holby City, Emmerdale, The Bill and Hollyoaks will pummel us with their portrayal of original sin at its most dull, showcasing the cardboard jealousies, infidelities and mundanities of characters spawned by market research.
Writer Lynda La Plante piles on the mundanities of police life to such an extent that you yearn for a good car chase or even a tiny, thrilling plot development.