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see towntown,
in the United States. In the New England states the town is the basic unit of local government. The New England town government's unique feature is the town meeting, much praised as a nearly pure form of democracy.
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A political and geographic area within the boundaries of a municipal government; sometimes separate from a larger county.


1. a small town
2. (in the Scottish Highlands and islands) a small crofting community
3. (in the US and Canada) a territorial area, esp a subdivision of a county: often organized as a unit of local government
4. (formerly, in South Africa) a planned urban settlement of Black Africans or Coloured people
5. English history
a. any of the local districts of a large parish, each division containing a village or small town
b. the particular manor or parish itself as a territorial division
c. the inhabitants of a township collectively
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The proposed rule also would prohibit an engagement with a state or local government where an "unmanageable" conflict exists, such as kickback payments to the municipal advisor from third parties.
Committee members were concerned that a bill prohibiting cities from forming municipal utilities will be reintroduced next week when the state Legislature reconvenes.
Still, how can you choose among the 1,845 municipal bond funds tracked by Chicago-based Morningstar Inc.
An example: A few years ago, some executives I know bought Washington Power municipal bonds that carried an 11.
Common shareholders of each of Putnam Investment Grade Municipal Trust and Putnam Municipal Bond Fund will receive a confirmation indicating their new account number and the number of common shares of Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust received.
A municipal advisory business should refer to the municipal securities provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act and consult with legal counsel if there is uncertainty regarding whether the firm must register as a municipal advisor.
That knowledge base means that Rice Financial is in head-to-head competition with the municipal derivatives operations of such Wall Street titans as Merrill Lynch & Co.
Normally, Municipal Court salaries are increased automatically when state employees get a raise.
For example, the chief justice of the state Supreme Court now has the authority to assign qualified Municipal Court judges to handle Superior Court cases.
More tendency to litigate disputes of the type Municipal Court handles?
Key organizations were cooperating to determine how to cleanse a soiled relationship: the Public Securities Association, which represents underwriters, traders and sellers of municipal securities; the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), the industry's self-regulatory agency, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which can ratify MSRB suggestions.

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