municipal ownership

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municipal ownership:

see public ownershippublic ownership,
government ownership of lands, streets, public buildings, utilities, and other business enterprises. The theory that all land and its resources belong ultimately to the people and therefore to the government is very ancient.
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Every policy innovation, from tax reform to park construction to water municipalization, was forced to answer a single underlying query: will it attract new industry and reliable workers to our town, without needlessly disrupting the workers and industries who are already here?
The representation of the municipalization of retail firms also showed a process that favored working-class males by symbolically clearing the commercial sphere of middle- and upper-class women, and securing it for working-class men.
8) Municipalization has emerged first in smaller towns where forces of social coercion render public officials more responsive than absentee private managers.
Kelly, Municipalization of Electricity: The Allure of Lower Rates for Bright Lights in Big Cities, 37 NAT'L RESOURCES J.
Today, the primary bypass options available to industrials are co- or self-generation, distant hook-ups, and municipalization.
the loss of customers due to various forms of bypass and competition, including municipalization of the Utility's electric distribution facilities, increasing levels of "direct access" by which consumers procure electricity from alternative energy providers, and implementation of "community choice aggregation," which permits cities and counties to purchase and sell electricity for their local residents and businesses;
By quickly moving the Indians out of the Indian Act and into the new FNG framework, they can then move against those of us left standing who refuse to accept the legitimacy of Canadian sovereignty, and who oppose the municipalization of our governments and paying tax to Canada.
For that reason, it has often been thought that the municipalization of the cultural field was a new, or at least a recent, phenomenon.
104) Meanwhile, Le Canada favoured a permanent public commission to supervise utilities, and was well disposed towards the municipalization of the Montreal Water and Power Co.
the effect of municipalization, direct access, community choice aggregation, or other forms of bypass;
PG&E has used and is continuing to use utility assets and ratepayer dollars in political advocacy against municipalization and community choice aggregation (CCA) and in support of Proposition 16.
DES MOINES, Iowa, May 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL), a subsidiary of Alliant Energy Corporation , received a decision today from the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) regarding municipalization efforts by the communities of Everly, Kalona, Rolfe, Terril and Wellman.