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see deerdeer,
ruminant mammal of the family Cervidae, found in most parts of the world except Australia. Antlers, solid bony outgrowths of the skull, develop in the males of most species and are shed and renewed annually.
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Muntjac deer have been described as a threat to British wildlife despite their cute appearance.
We'd come face-to-face with village wildlife on our first night when a muntjac deer had peered at us through the glass of the villa patio doors, getting me wondering about the hidden world of the forest we're usually too busy to notice.
As the team studied the thighbones of animals from all over the world - ranging from the Svalbard reindeer in the Arctic to muntjac deer species from South Asia - Lags showed up in every one.
Rural drivers run the gauntlet of gormless loose sheep, permanently untreated winter roads, diseased badgers, self-liberated muntjac deer and being forced to take evasive action by stray cagoolists.
There is an expanding population of the invasive non-native muntjac deer that has the potential to make significant negative impacts on our native ground flora and in some areas displace the native roe.
I field-dressed and caped a Chinese water deer and muntjac with two very impressive, reasonably priced American-made knives that turned British heads.
But horse numbers at Musk Hill are a solid 40, brother Paul is his new assistant, and up the stiff, seven-furlong, all-weather gallop this morning, past the boxing hares and occasional muntjac, come the property of Khalid Abdullah, Sue Magnier, Michael Tabor, Derrick Smith and Pat Eddery Racing, with among them, perhaps, the one that will fulfil Eddery's wish of a first Group 1 winner.
Go for autumn walks around the hotel's 38 acres of landscaped parkland and keep watch for the resident muntjac deer as they dart across woodland trails.
His topics ranged from muntjac quests to raucous tea under the sea.
He has developed several techniques in molecular biology, including random priming, microallelotyping, hot-stop PCR, and the use of muntjac hybrids for chromosome purification.
All three men regarded women as some exotic, foreign ``other'' like the endangered muntjac tusked deer - sure, they're cute, but what the hell were you supposed to do with them?