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a goddess that inspires a creative artist, esp a poet


OR-parallel logic programming.


(1) (MultiUser Simulation Environment, MultiUser Shared Environment) See MUD.

(2) (MUltiple Sub-Nyquist sampling Encoding) The compression system used in Japan's first HD TV system. See Hi-Vision.

(3) A computer developed at the University of Manchester in the late 1950s. See BABY.
References in classic literature ?
She knit and knit, but while she mused the fire burned; at last she broke out--"I tell you, Augustine, I can't get over things so, if you can.
The boy mused awhile over the substantial change which had taken place in his worldly circumstances, and then wended toward headquarters to report.
I can't see Rebecca as a lady doctor, somehow," mused Mrs.
Habitually obedient to John, I came up to his chair: he spent some three minutes in thrusting out his tongue at me as far as he could without damaging the roots: I knew he would soon strike, and while dreading the blow, I mused on the disgusting and ugly appearance of him who would presently deal it.
That's a coincidence, too," the guard mused, "for I made the same of it myself.