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(1) A type of bagpipe with a folding bellows, two melody-producing pipes, and auxiliary pipes for retuning the instrument. The musette was popular in France during the 17th and 18th centuries.

(2) An oboe with a windbag and eight or nine holes (seven or eight in front and one in back).

(3) An old French folk dance in 2/4, 6/4, or 6/8 time, with a fast tempo. The musette was performed to the accompaniment of an instrument of the same name. In the 18th century, the dance was included in court operatic and balletic works called divertissements. The dance in encountered in the works of Handel, Mozart, Glazunov, and other composers.

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Everyone had canteens, a few carried three, and most had musette bags slung across their shoulders and chests that contained waterproof-wrapped food.
We nurses were ordered to pack our musette bags with the warmest clothing we had and any first aid supplies in the event of capture by the Germans and to be prepared to evacuate with a 10-minute notice.
The company, which exhibited at the recent Luxury Packaging Innovations Show in London, is now developing plans to run an exhibition of custom-designed cycling musette bags to tie-in with the Tour de France's visit to Yorkshire next year - working with local and international designers.