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(1) A type of bagpipe with a folding bellows, two melody-producing pipes, and auxiliary pipes for retuning the instrument. The musette was popular in France during the 17th and 18th centuries.

(2) An oboe with a windbag and eight or nine holes (seven or eight in front and one in back).

(3) An old French folk dance in 2/4, 6/4, or 6/8 time, with a fast tempo. The musette was performed to the accompaniment of an instrument of the same name. In the 18th century, the dance was included in court operatic and balletic works called divertissements. The dance in encountered in the works of Handel, Mozart, Glazunov, and other composers.

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22 Item: ten musettes and another musette, good as well as bad, four of boxwood and ebony, valued at 30 livres
In 1659 Martin received the survivance (legal succession to an office, nominated before the death of the existing holder) of his father's position at the court of Louis XIV of |hautbois et musette du roy dans sa grande Ecurie.
Importantly, this document does not refer to Louis Hotteterre, the brother of Nicolas (dit Colin), who lived on the rue Marmousets in the parish of Ste Marie Magdelaine, but to the Louis whom I first identified in an earlier article: a letter written in 1712 by the French oboist Louis Rousselet mentions that he had left a musette for repair with Louis Hotteterre, who lived 'proche le Pon [sic] Marie.
The evidence given above indicates that Martin could well have accomplished this, particularly in the context of the significant advances he brought to the design of the musette, which demonstrate his innovative abilities as a maker Furthermore, Jacques's keen interest in the transverse flute as a performer, teacher and composer was no doubt inspired by his father's example.
Borjon's Traite de la musette establishes that a father and his two sons, whom I have shown to be Jean I and his sons, Martin and Jean fils aine, worked together in instrument making, A declaration of 19 September 1693 by Anne Mauger, wife of Nicolas, makes clear that her husband and three sons, Nicolas aine, Nicolas (dit Colin) and Louis shared in the same instrument business.
Jacques's inventory after death, an extensive document of 69 pages, lists his musical instruments kept |in another cabinet right next to the alcove', which were essentially the ones inventoried among the contents of Martin's bedroom (|a basse de viole, a viole, a pardessus de viole, a violon by Pierres in its case, a child's violin with a bow, a monocorus, a theorbe and a musette, priced at 100 livres').
Extrait des registres des baptemes de l'eglise royale et paroissiale de Saint Barthelemy en la cite a Paris Extract from the bap)tismal registers of the royal parish church of St Barthilemy-en-la-cite, Paris Le mercredi troisieme Septembre de l'an mil six cent soixante quatorze fut baptisd dans l'eglise de ceans Jacques Martin ne le vingt-neuvieme Septembre dernier fils de Martin Hotteterre officier du Roi et de Marie Crespy sa femme demeurant dans l'enclos du palais sur la petite porte a l'enseigne de la musette de cette paroisse le parrain Jacques Lenorman [M.
On Wednesday 3 September 1674 was baptized in this church Jacques Martin, born 29 September last, son of Martin Hotteterre, king's officer and of Marie Crespy his wife, living in the palace enclosure above the little gate by the sign of the musette, of this parish; the godfather Jacques Lenorman, head waiter to M.
Martin Hotteterre, of the post of hautboy and musette of the Grande Ecurie
Jean Hotteterre the succession of the said post of hautboy and musette in ordinary, he has payed from the same coffers of the account the sum of 450 livres