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To find information about songs and music. There are many music database and identification services on the Internet that enable users to find missing track titles for their CDs and digital files, as well as identify songs by sound, singing or humming. There are also services that recommend songs to users based on their taste (see music recommendation service). Following are the various ways music databases are searched.

Search by Disc Table of Contents
Although added later (see CD Text), the only descriptive data (meta-data) in the original CD music disc were a table of contents (TOC) containing track numbers and lengths. In order to display artist and song titles on the computer or add them to MP3 files when ripping CDs, several databases were developed that identify a disc by table of contents. See music CD identification.

Search by Digital File Fingerprint
MP3, AAC and other compressed audio files contain fields (tags) for the names of the album, artist, tracks, genre, etc. Tags with missing or incorrect data can be updated with the correct data. An acoustic fingerprint of the file is computed and sent to a fingerprint database for matching. See music file identification and acoustic fingerprint.

Search by Audio Fingerprint
Songs can be identified by a sample of the actual sound being played on the radio. An acoustic fingerprint of the sample is computed and sent to a fingerprint database for matching. A fingerprint algorithm for audio is more sophisticated than one used for file recognition (above). The reason is that the audio sample can be a few seconds from any part of the song, whereas a digital file is entirely available for analysis. See Shazam, midomi, Mobile MusicID, MusicDNS and acoustic fingerprint.

Search by Human Example (Sing, Hum, Tap, etc.)
People can find the name of a song or musical piece by singing or humming the tune or tapping out the melody and rhythm. See midomi and Musipedia.
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Apple acquired Shazam, the popular music recognition service that can identify the name and lyrics of songs, music videos, TV shows, and more, in December for an undisclosed amount.
The All-New Veloster, set for launch in January 2018, will include SoundHounds Korean music recognition service, while the English music recognition for the US market first debuted on a Genesis model in 2014.
The partnership was initiated by Virgin Money's head of Banking Innovation, Dhiraj Mukherjee, and previous co-founder of Shazam, a mobile phone music recognition service.
The MusicID music recognition service enables users to identify and then purchase a song, Music Videos provides a link to Cingular's video offerings and Streaming Music allows users to listen to music from XM Radio Mobile or MobiRadio.
Customers can also identify an artist's name and song being played on the radio, TV, or at a club with MusicID, Cingular's enhanced music recognition service.
From new devices - like Samsung's Android-powered smart phone, the Samsung Moment for Sprint, Kyocera's Android offering and the FLO TV Personal Television - to a series of new mobile games offered to Verizon subscribers, the launch of the Shazam music recognition service for Windows Mobile phones and a GPS service launch from Virgin Mobile.
It enables users to identify songs being played on the radio, TV or at a club using the MusicID music recognition service.
Younghee Lee, Vice President of Global Marketing Team at Samsung Electronics, said: "We are pleased to be extending our partnership with these fabulous new features to provide music lovers with the perfect music experience; in particular with the Find Similar feature powered by Shazam's unique mobile music recommendations engine, which is just as impressive as their popular music recognition service.
In addition, the service features SDC's Tune Tracker software, which is linked to the music recognition service Shazam, where clients can identify songs by holding their wireless phone close to a speaker.
Furthermore, Nero StartSmart now integrates Gracenote[R] music recognition service providing song and artist information for audio files.
The built-in Gracenote CDDB[TM] Music Recognition Service automatically associates information to downloaded music content including the artist name, song title, genre and album title.
Audio technology company Shazam Entertainment has launched its mobile music recognition service in Portugal after signing deals with major mobile phone operators Vodafone, Optimus and TMN.