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see small armssmall arms,
firearms designed primarily to be carried and fired by one person and, generally, held in the hands, as distinguished from heavy arms, or artillery. Early Small Arms

The first small arms came into general use at the end of the 14th cent.
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a hand firearm with a matchlock.

The musket first appeared in the early 16th century in Spain and then in Germany, France, and Russia. It had a caliber of about 20 mm and weighed from 8 to 10 kg. Because of a powerful recoil, muskets were at first supplied only to select soldiers—the musketeers—who wore a leather pad on their shoulder when firing. Monopods (rests) were introduced to make firing muskets more comfortable. In the late 17th century muskets were replaced by flintlock rifles, at first in France and then in other countries. In Russia the term “musket” denoted flintlock rifles until the early 19th century.

References in classic literature ?
The experiment in some measure succeeded, though far too many suffered their unloaded muskets to be torn from their hands, in the vain hope of appeasing the savages.
Bondly took offence, and with his musket came down to the shore, and blew its deadly contents into the poor old man.
The apparition of a file of soldiers ringing down the butt-ends of their loaded muskets on our door-step, caused the dinner-party to rise from table in confusion, and caused Mrs.
Mowgli, who naturally knew something about what they were talking of, had to cover his face not to show that he was laughing, while Buldeo, the Tower musket across his knees, climbed on from one wonderful story to another, and Mowgli's shoulders shook.
Sancho came so close that he almost put his eyes into his mouth; now just at that moment the balsam had acted on the stomach of Don Quixote, so, at the very instant when Sancho came to examine his mouth, he discharged all its contents with more force than a musket, and full into the beard of the compassionate squire.
A woman's cry rose higher than the report of the musket.
With a wild whoop of exultation, twirling his musket high above his head and turning in his saddle to laugh back into the faces of his pursuers Abdul Kamak dashed out of the village of The Sheik and was swallowed up by the jungle.
He blew nigh the top of his head off with an old musket that they had for scarin' crows with.
Many citizens, seeing the women flying toward the High Street, leaving their children crying at the open doors, hastened to don the cuirass, and supporting their somewhat uncertain courage with a musket or a partisan, directed their steps toward the hostelry of the Jolly Miller, before which was gathered, increasing every minute, a compact group, vociferous and full of curiosity.
His guards, taking him by the arms and coat-collar, forced him to rise, and dragged him towards the steps that lead to the gate of the fortress, while the police officer carrying a musket with fixed bayonet followed behind.
Yes, yes," resumed De Guiche; "I am sure he can fire a musket when required.
while the rattle of the soldier's musket was heard as he presented it against their breasts.