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Anne-Sophie. born 1963, German violinist


To quietly enter a command not meant for the ears, eyes, or fingers of ordinary mortals. Often used in "mutter an incantation".

See also wizard.
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The muttering, I sincerely hope, isn't the start of some split personality disorder.
Shirin Neshat's luminous black-and-white video Possessed, 2001, which lent the show its title, depicts--to the accompaniment of Sussan Deyhim's soaring, mournful sound track--a lovely, wildeyed woman muttering to herself, whispering into cracks in walls, and stirring up trouble in a town square.
The 'rich man's club' is opening its doors to its less wealthy neighbours--amid muttering from many of those already ensconced in its comfortable armchairs.
Mr Sullivan approached them, swearing at them and muttering to himself,'' said Paul McCann, prosecuting.
Right before I sang the first line, I remember muttering that this would probably be the only time I'd ever play this song live.
I have been sitting around with colleagues for the past 2 years muttering about why we don't see these cycles, because mathematically we know they're there.
When she started muttering sweet nothings in German, I got out pronto.
The Qantas koala commercials, which ran from 1967 - 1992, originally featured a furry and cute little koala sitting amidst the branches of a eucalyptus tree where the voice of Morris as the koala is heard muttering, "I hate Qantas
After being put on the spot by one TV fan, director general Mr Hall said: "I don't want to sound like a grumpy old man, but I also think muttering is something we could have a look at.
Viewers of dramas including Birdsong, Parade's End, Silk, Garrow's Law and even Doctor Who have been angered by muttering stars.
My marriage, like every marriage, is ultimately an utterly ephemeral thing, a shared idea, a mental and emotional construct that both parties believe in to varying degrees at the same time, or else there you are at the bus stop muttering about how you used to be married once upon a time.
ANAHEIM - Almost every Angel was unfamiliar with Greg Maddux before Friday night, when the four-time Cy Young Award winner made his first appearance at Angel Stadium and in seven innings sent a parade of mostly frustrated batters muttering back to the dugout.