An earlier brand name for SAP's Internet strategy in the late 1990s. See SAP Business Suite.
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Customers have the option to deploy several independent mySAP.
At its biggest North American confab of the year, SAPPHIRE, SAP formally introduced the mySAP.
With Intalio/APEX, SAP customers can extend SAP software processes outside of their host applications, without ever writing code, to gain best-in-class business processes and move closer to the next generation of mySAP.
They have the vision to allow our customers to maximize the powerful e-business solutions offered as part of mySAP.
The certified interface provides customers with a technically verified, turnkey solution with proven interoperability for the mySAP.
com(TM) Service Partners offer consulting services in areas like strategic e-business consulting, evaluation, implementation and continuous system integration for mySAP.
We are very pleased with the successful, on-time implementation of mySAP.
SAP's competitive Standard Support, included in both packages, consists of 24x7 worldwide support for SAP software and integrated support for mySAP.
Building on its initial license of mySAP(TM) Financials in September 2000, the world's leading space agency has purchased an additional 12,600 licenses for the mySAP.