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see fungal infectionfungal infection,
infection caused by a fungus (see Fungi), some affecting animals, others plants. Fungal Infections of Human and Animals

Many fungal infections, or mycoses, of humans and animals affect only the outer layers of skin, and although they are sometimes
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An infection with or a disease caused by a fungus.
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7) Mycotic infections, though not normally fatal, are so underdiagnosed that an autopsy-based study found that in 22% of cases wherein the primary diagnosis was incorrect, the deceased had some type of fungal infection.
Neurologic complications like stroke, abscess, mycotic aneurysm or hemorrhage tend to occur in 20-40% of infective endocarditis cases.
Endovascular treatment for an unusually large mycotic aneurysm manifesting as intracerebral hemorrhage--Case report.
The Mississippi State Public Health Laboratory records covering the period from 1989 to 1997 were obtained and examined for human parasitic and mycotic infections.
1: A testicular ultrasound, suggesting the possibility of mycotic aneurismal lesions.
Non mycotic aneurysms (due to atherosclerosis, dysplasia, trauma, collagen vascular disease) are more common in individuals older than 60 years (3-5) and mycotic aneurysms are found more often in people less than 50 years of age.
Ruptured mycotic aneurysm of the iliac artery complicated by emphysematous psoas muscle abscess; Report of two cases.
Other studies reported 10-25 per cent cases of mycotic keratitis due to topical steroid usage (30).
Mycotic culture, microscopic examination and clinical signs were considered diagnostic criteria.
The child died of complications (ruptured mycotic aneurysm of the hepatic artery and septicaemia) in January 1988.
Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases * Environmental Health Services * National Center for Infectious Diseases