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A motile precursor cell of blood granulocytes found in bone marrow.



one of the types of cells in the hematopoietic tissue of the red bone marrow in vertebrate animals and in man. They are formed from hemocytoblasts and pass through the promyelocyte stage. Granular leukocytes, or granulocytes, develop from myelocytes. The nuclei of myelocytes are round or bean-shaped and less compact than in mature leukocytes; the cytoplasm is weakly basophilic. Myelocytes do not normally enter the bloodstream, but in certain pathological conditions, such as leukemia, they may appear in the blood.

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Granulocyte colony stimulating factor increases the number of neutrophils and decreases the frequency of infections by correcting the pause in maturation of myelocytes.
1: Bone marrow aspiration showing myeloid series, myelocytes and metamyelocytes with features of dysmyelopoiesis.
The incidence of sheathing of veins in myeloid leukemia can be explained by the greater tendency of leukemic infiltration of myelocytes than lymphocytes (Burgeson and Wegner 1929).
Morphologic Features of t(8;21) and inv(16) Acute Myeloid Leukemia t(8;21) inv(16) * Large myeloid blasts with * Variable number of eosinophils abundant basophilic cytoplasm * Numerous azurophilic granules * All stages of eosinophilic maturation * Perinuclear clearing or hofs * Immature purple-violet cytoplasmic granules * Occasional blasts containing * Mainly evident at the Auer rods promyelocyte and myelocyte stages Table 2.
9 g/dl, total leukocyte counts/cumm, 121000 [+ or -] 35000 /cumm differential leukocyte count % including mature leucocytes 43% such as neotrophils 21 [+ or -] 7, lymphocyte 8 [+ or -] 2, eosinophils 9 [+ or -] 2, monocytes 5 [+ or -] 3 and immature cells 57% composed of Blast 18 [+ or -] 12, promylocytes 4 [+ or -] 1, Myelocytes 25 [+ or -] 5, Metamyelocytes 9 [+ or -] 2, band cells 13 [+ or -] 3 platelet counts / cumm, 285000 [+ or -] 220000 / cumm respectively were noted in the present study (Table 1).
9]/L with 62% neutrophils, 14% stab cells, 6% metamyelocytes, 4% myelocytes, and 14% lymphocytes; mean corpuscular volume, 87 fL; and platelet count, 415x[10.
Peripheral smear showed severe anisocytosis, macrocytosis with microcytic RBC population and spherocytes, Nucleated RBCs= 3/ 100 WBCs, neutrophilia with hypersegmented neutrophils, metamyelocytes and myelocytes.
Consecutive phases vary, giving rise to a kinetically distinct mitotic pool in which numbers expand to include the myeloblasts, progranulocytes and myelocytes - loosely referred to as the fixed components of the microenvironment.
17,18 Myeloid precursors show giant myelocytes and metamyelocytes and hyper - pigmented neutrophils.
9]/l (check every 2 weeks until Basophils <5% CHR, then 3-monthly) No myelocytes, promyelocytes, myeloblasts in the differential count Platelet count <450x[10.