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Two clones 3E8A10 and 3E8All secreting anti-H antibody were generated following fusion between mouse splenocytes primed with O group cells and a mutant mouse myeloma cell line .
Multiple myeloma cells were cultured for 48 hours with CBD and THC (all cannabis extracts) as compare to their combinations - CBD: THC 1:1; CBD: THC 5:1 and CBD: THC 1:5.
Cell adhesive interactions between multiple myeloma cells and bone marrow stromal cells activate multiple signaling pathways that enhance cancerous tumor growth and bone destruction while suppressing new bone formation and contributing to drug resistance.
Using a number of multiple myeloma cell lines the authors concluded that not all multiple myeloma cell lines are amenable to reovrius mediated cell death and that this has important implications for the future use of reovirus as a therapeutic agent.
The company's lead candidate MTI-101 binds the cell adhesion molecule CD44 and induces programmed necrosis in myeloma cell lines and demonstrates robust anti-tumor activity as a single agent using myeloma in vivo models.
PVX-410 has demonstrated the ability to stimulate a strong immune response against multiple myeloma cell lines and patient cells in vitro.
A new class of drugs called anti-CD38 antibodies target multiple myeloma cells by binding to an antigen (CD38) expressed on the myeloma cell and then signaling the patient's immune cells to attack myeloma cells.
BI-505 binds to the cell-surface protein ICAM-1 (Inter-Cellular Adhesion Molecule-1), which has been shown to be overexpressed in multiple myeloma cell lines and primary patient myeloma cells.
1,204,683, entitled "Ovarian cancer cells and myeloma cell surface glycoproteins, antibodies thereto, and uses therof," covers aspects of the Company's monoclonal antibody ICT-69, which targets human multiple myeloma and ovarian cancer cells.
The poster presents findings demonstrating that reovirus acts synergistically with carfilzomib and/or perifosine in oncolysis of therapy resistant multiple myeloma cell lines.