myrciaria dubia

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camu camu

camu camu

Small tropical tree 15feet (5m) grows near water, has reddish-purple cherry-like fruit. Small waxy white flowers, elliptical lance-like bushy foliage. Fruit is very acidic and extremely high in vitamin C- second only to the Australian plant Terminalia ferdinandiana. Also has ellagic acid, bioflavonoids, anthocyanins.
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2004), who indicated that the eggs and nymphs of Tuthillia cognata Hodkinson, Brown & Burckhardt (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) in different development stages are located on the younger leaves of the upper third of the camu-camu plant, Myrciaria dubia (Kunth) McVaugh (Mytales: Myrtaceae) and Tsai et al.
Ocorrencia de Tuthillia cognata Hodkinson, Brown & Burckhardt, 1986 (Hemiptera: Homoptera, Psyllidae) em plantios experimentais de camu-camu Myrciaria dubia (H.
Ellagic acid (1) and its two derivatives, 4-O-methylellagic acid (2) and 4-([alpha]-rhamnopyranosyl)ellagic acid (3) were isolated as inhibitors of aldose reductase (AR) from Myrciaria dubia (H.
During a search for possible AR inhibitors from Amazonian plants, an 80% MeOH extract of the leaves of Myrciaria dubia (H.