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With all that is going on in the church and in the world, why would we look for yet another set of mysteries to add to the rosary?
Martin's Press devotes a portion of its Stonewall Inn Editions imprint to gay mysteries.
Of his Edgar Awards hosting duties, Roker stated, "It's no mystery why I am honored to host the mystery writer's awards, as I am a huge fan of mysteries.
The Mystery Of The Ancient Pyramid is a very well crafted 128-page mystery which entertains and teaches young readers effortlessly, as do the other exciting Carole Marsh mysteries including The Mystery At Big Ben; The Mystery At The Eiffel Tower; and The Mystery At The Roman Colosseum.
Three new winners provide very different but equally gripping mysteries.
In the fifth of the series of full-length Wimsey mysteries, Sayers introduced the mystery writer Harriet Vane, an accused murderer, as Peter's love interest, finally marrying them off in her 12th, and last completed, full-length mystery, Busman's Honeymoon, subtitled "A Love Story with Detective Interludes.
AUGUST MAY BE the month of lame movies getting dumped in theaters on the big screen, but on TV, it's time for intelligent, literary mysteries - tonight, BBC America introduces ``Rebus,'' based on Ian Rankin's elegant mystery series, and at the end of the month, PBS' ``Mystery
As an adult, she discovered a wealth of good mysteries, many of them by African American authors.
When was the meditation on the mysteries introduced?
There are so many mysteries out there, and we don't have to see them as threats to our understanding.
fiction titles compiled by Bowker, the world's leading provider of bibliographic information, Americans like their mysteries and romances set in the misty bogs of Scotland and London's Trafalgar Square.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- MWA:Reads, a Mystery Writers of America literacy program that encourages children and teens to read mysteries by joining authors with students, parents, teachers, and librarians, will hold its second annual Joan Lowery Nixon Award mystery writing contest in 2007.