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When it comes to the most commonly cited strategies for dealing with nagging, 36 percent of mothers suggested limiting commercial exposure and 35 percent of mothers suggested simply explaining to children the reasons behind making or not making certain purchases," she added.
Yet, escaping the parental nest provides no respite from nagging.
What is likely to be more successful is the calm voice nagging that you do when you want to avoid a row, but are actually seething.
That nagging little voice does not nag for nothing.
Because nagging doesn't work - as amply demonstrated by tonight's couple.
And in his first two seasons at top-ranked UCLA (20-1-1), Corey had no goals and only two assists in 22 games as he struggled with nagging injuries.
The alternative to nagging is martyrdom - creeping silently about, tidying up and seething with unspoken resentment.
ANAHEIM - Shortstop David Eckstein had three hits in his first 31 at-bats this season, but it wasn't the nagging injuries (groin, hip, back) he had in spring training that resulted in his slow start.
SINGER Charlotte Church is quitting smoking - to stop her boyfriend nagging about the unhealthy habit.
She was forced to start much of last season when then senior point guard Karen Gormley suffered nagging injuries.
George was furious while Kenny just wanted him to stop nagging.