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Oil shale formation is known to contain several types of carbonate minerals such as dawsonite and nahcolite.
Our plan is to develop a process for the recovery of oil from oil shale that would also enable us to recover more nahcolite.
4 Nahcolite extraction in the Piceance Creek Basin 12 2.
According to the XRD data base , the powder sample contains trona, dolomite, nahcolite and natron phases.
Lowenstein and his colleague Robert Demicco at Binghamton University have discovered that nahcolite, a rare, yellowish-green or brown carbonate mineral, only forms on earth under environmental conditions marked by very high atmospheric CO2 levels.
Lab tests indicate that nahcolite would precipitate out of salty, alkaline lakes only if atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide were above 1,125 parts per million (ppm), Tim K.
This project actually dates back to 1964 when Nielsen's father, Irv Nielsen, discovered what he believed to be commercial deposits of nahcolite in the Piceance Creek Basin, a raw form of sodium bicarbonate.
In Western Colorado, he pioneered proprietary drilling techniques to recover Nahcolite using high temperature solution mining and directional drilling--practices that are expected to be translatable to the shale oil recovery process.
Pyrolysis of oil shale is highly affected by the minerals contained, such as dawsonite, dolomite, quartz, and nahcolite [2].
Natural Soda produces pure natural sodium bicarbonate from its extensive nahcolite leases which cover more than 9,400 acres.
Weight loss of GOS-R in the low-temperature region, from ambient up to approximately 200 [degrees]C has been attributed to the loss of moisture, interlayer water from clay minerals and also to decomposition of mineral nahcolite (NaHC[O.
Natural Soda's unique advantage is our reliable, environmentally-friendly and efficient process for recovering pure, naturally occurring sodium bicarbonate from the largest known nahcolite deposits (sodium bicarbonate) in the world.