nail puller

nail claw

A tapered steel bar having a curved end which is slotted; generally used to pull nails from materials, such as wood, into which they had been driven. Alsocalled a claw bar, nail bar, nail puller, pinch bar, pry bar, ripping bar, wrecking bar.
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Strapping -A' (3) Note Bundling Straps (4) Nails - 2 (5) Hammer (6) Nail Puller (7)
Tool Company, an industry leader in the creation of tool box essentials like the KwickGripper nail puller, recommends being on the lookout for signs of termites as the weather grows warmer.
49), which is a wall scraper, putty knife, paint roller cleaner, nail puller, grout cleaner, and hole puncher combined; standard Wall Scraper ($7.
Locking components include nail puller, pry bar, cross driver, ruler, wire stripper, file, large flat driver and a super sharp fine edge/serrated combination blade.
DONNY'S LITTLE HELPER: NAIL PULLER Does exactly what it says on the tin and is especially useful if you are trying to salvage a piece of wood and don't want it damaged.
A hammer, pry bar, wrecking bar, and a cats claw nail puller will take just about anything apart.
One end is a two-pronged nail puller and the other is a thin crow bar, perfect for levering up boards.
It's a sleek matte black tool for the sophisticated urban adventurer that is a spade, saw, hatchet, hammer, wrench and nail puller that has also has a pack of matches and a compass to find your way from the parking lot to the opera.
Tool Company, one of the best tool manufacturers in the Midwest and the creator of the innovative KwickGripper nail puller, suggests making a Valentine's Day reservation for a local woodworking class or craft shop demonstration.
5 cm hammer head with flat beating end on one side and nail puller end on the other side, tools packed within the handle casing (Chisel, Russian screw driver, ordinary screw driver, Pointing awl), total kit being packed in a canvas cover.
The ideal would be to avoid that by using a nail puller or pry bar, but another method is to slip a piece of iron pipe over the face of the hammer head.
The nail puller easily converts leverage into pulling force, making it a tool box essential for any household handyman.