autumn crocus

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autumn crocus:

see meadow saffronmeadow saffron
or autumn crocus,
perennial garden ornamental (Colchicum autumnale) of the family Liliaceae (lily family). Native to Europe and N Africa, it has escaped from gardens to meadows and fields in some parts of the United States.
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Oh, and he lists as the things he loves best "beaches, hot weather and naked ladies.
IHEAR Channel 4 is to do a programme on how to draw naked ladies.
Autumn crocus - also called naked ladies because they bloom before the foliage emerges - are great for putting between stepping stones to highlight the route to a seasonal border or sitting area.
Kim the Flasher joined other naked ladies in recreating the impressionist's most famous work, Diana and Actaeon.
President George Bush regrets remarks about Osama bin Laden in the aftermath of 9/11 "Some people regarded my virginity as a challenge: one show in Korea laid on two naked ladies in my hotel room.
It's often very funny - and when did you ever imagine seeing Hanks next to naked ladies in a hot tub, drinking like a fish or swearing like Bernard Manning?
Madama Butterfly though is more traditional, with no naked ladies or eagles.
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Throughout the evening there will be an auction featuring handwritten and autographed lyrics from musicians including: Bare Naked Ladies, Indigo Girls, Shawn Mullins and many others.