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Name Daemon.

<networking> A Unix background process that converts hostnames to Internet addresses for the TCP/IP protocol.

Unix manual page: named(8).

See also DNS.
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I guess they could have named (hurricanes) after flowers or other neutral things.
In a spreadsheet that has both GrossSales and NetSales, neither should be named Sales.
Fly specialist David McAlpine of the Australian Museum in Sydney, for example, named a genus This.
Melissa McDonald was named senior product safety specialist for Elementis Specialties.
Bourne named an associate at Russell Reynolds Associates (New York City Chapter)
EdenCare Senior Living Services, an Atlanta-based assisted and independent living company, has named Clark Hettinga CFO.
If both are correctly identified or neither are named, campers return to their own team.
I wonder if my parents went through the same process when they named me while they sat at the kitchen table one night.
The genus was so named because many thought it was a pine.
was named by Strategic Name Development, a brand name consultancy that develops product names, company names, taglines and conducts brand name research.