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Name Daemon.

<networking> A Unix background process that converts hostnames to Internet addresses for the TCP/IP protocol.

Unix manual page: named(8).

See also DNS.
References in classic literature ?
Things are said to be named 'derivatively', which derive their name from some other name, but differ from it in termination.
But I know--" she paused for the strength of words she needed, and words forsook her, so that her quick sweeping gesture of hand-touch to heart named authority that overrode all speech.
O yes--I was thinking of another child that I named--I have named a great many, and I get them confused--this one was named Henry Thompson--"
I named him for Thomas--er--Thomas Carlyle, the great author, you know--and Henry--er--er--Henry the Eight.
You think that I am an old, old witch-doctor named Zweete.
Of all the tribes named in these pages, there exist only a few half-civilized beings of the Oneidas, on the reservations of their people in New York.
It is a race sanctioning body which is named after an annual auto race (Indianapolis 500), which is named after a city (Indianapolis), which is named after a state (Indiana), which is named after a population (North American Indians), which is named after a large geographical region (East Indies), which is named after a river (Indus River).
I had a woman call me this morning in tears because her daughter was named Katrina,'' said Frank Lepore, National Hurricane center spokesman, ``and she was traumatized practically to the point where she wouldn't go out of the house.
If a named house is unusual, even more unusual is a woman without a name, particularly if she is part of a family and thus involved in domestic and communal relationships.
Individual viruses, like individual people or any other concrete entities, can be named and identified by so-called diagnostic properties, but they cannot be defined (11).
Thus, while it's acceptable to use Pretax Earnings (two words) as the caption in cell A3, a cell that contains neither data nor a formula, B3 is better named PretaxEarnings or Pretax_ Earnings.