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In fact, a narrative is an interrelated and coherently organised system of stories, structured or unstructured, having a single focal point for resolving or deflecting a conflict through creating smokescreens, augmenting specific actions and relying on available audience.
This article presents a study in which narrative content and narrative medium were manipulated to assess the extent to which these factors influence people's intention to adopt a more active lifestyle and whether this effect is obtained via different routes.
The contributions ask: how is a sense of narrative self constituted and negotiated in different mediatized environments?
She argues that compared with Chinese narrative of modernity focusing on the nation-state imagination and the fulfillment of a Chinese dream of abundance, strength and happiness, contemporary Chinese eco-narrative emphasizes the model of eco-national culture, the interlocked relationship between national-state system and national eco-policies (42).
Objective: The aim of this project is to understand the role of narrative in modern science.
With narrative, people strive to configure space and time, deploy cohesive devices, reveal identities] of actors and relatedness of actions across scenes.
The Contemporary Narrative Poem: Critical Crosscurrents
Given its title, I was particularly curious about how the authors explore teacher educators' learning to teach by using narrative inquiry as a common framework.
Peter Goldie's final book is an important and insightful addition to the ever-growing literature on the nature of narrative and its role in our psychology.
The narrative determines how we perceive the credibility and authenticity of leaders and organizations.
The use of a narrative in educational contexts has been found to increase learners' experience of flow or absorption in a task.
To ensure equity, early educators can consider diverse children's narratives from a difference rather than deficit perspective; that is, teachers can view the differences in these narratives as a strength, rather than as an indicator of a child's intrinsic lack of narrative ability.