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A constricted section of a mountain pass, valley, or cave, or a gap or narrow passage between mountains.

What does it mean when you dream about being in a narrow space?

Dreaming about being in a narrow space can simply reflect the feeling that one has restricted options in some situation in one’s waking life. Can also represent a “narrow escape,” “narrow-mindedness,” or “the straight and narrow.”

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In researching his book, Bland and his wife crisscrossed the nation, slowly narrowing down a list of more than 150 communities to the final sites described in the book.
Meanwhile, he says, Toronto-based Menu has made a series of four expansions in Emporia since 1994 after first narrowing down its region of choice to eastern Kansas, northeastern Oklahoma and southwestern Missouri.
From determining if studying abroad is a viable option, to narrowing down the choices, to planning the trip, to health and safety concerns, Study Abroad 101 goest on to cover such significant issues as money management abroad, "culture shock" arising from living in another country and living with the locals, to keeping in touch with the folks at home, and life after studying abroad.
Narrowing down your choice from more than 200 schools isn't easy.
Sixty-three percent of consumers gather information when they first begin researching a purchase, 57 percent when they are narrowing down their options, 42 percent when they are deciding where to buy, and 51 percent when making their final decision.