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A constricted section of a mountain pass, valley, or cave, or a gap or narrow passage between mountains.

What does it mean when you dream about being in a narrow space?

Dreaming about being in a narrow space can simply reflect the feeling that one has restricted options in some situation in one’s waking life. Can also represent a “narrow escape,” “narrow-mindedness,” or “the straight and narrow.”

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The investigation is not complete, but board members are narrowing down candidates to fill the operations manager position.
Our partners get solid, pre-qualified leads and our busy couples don't have to spend as much time narrowing down their search.
I'm fairly confident there will be no narrowing down.
The number of nominations we received this year was unprecedented and the process of narrowing down the finalists was a massive, albeit exciting, task, with many more products contending in each category.
After narrowing down a stack of entries to six, the Country Days Committee picked a winner.