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4-litre naturally aspirated engine, a top of the line turbocharged engine that might get Abarth badging and a 1.
2-liter flat-plane V8 engine the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in the company s history.
The standard car's engine produces 370bhp, which is 20bhp more than the current naturally aspirated engine, and the motor in the Carrera S produces 420bhp, up from the current engine's 400bhp.
Dubai: In the rarefied world populated by high-performance pricey sports cars, that a Ferrari can only have a naturally aspirated engine is a byword.
This is a naturally aspirated engine -- there are no turbochargers hitting you with a pneumatic ram of torque, just a swelling rush as the revs climb.
3-liter naturally aspirated engine, while the 70-kVA 70REZGT boasts a 5.
Even at low revs, the naturally aspirated engine is very responsive.
0-litre sports engine is the biggest 911 powerplant ever and also the most powerful naturally aspirated engine with 125bhp/litre.
The four-litre displacement sports engine, the biggest 911 model line engine ever, is also the most powerful naturally aspirated engine with 125hp per litre.
It's a naturally aspirated engine - which means you don't get problems with torque steer.
The high-revving, naturally aspirated engine developing up to 525 hp took first place by a wide margin in each case.