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sensation of discomfort, or queasiness, in the stomach. It may be caused by irritation of the stomach by food or drugs, unpleasant odors, overeating, fright, or psychological stress. It is usually relieved by vomiting. Nausea is frequently present during the early months of pregnancy, and it is a concomitant of motion sickness. However, nausea may also be the symptom of a serious illness; thus persistent nausea should receive medical attention.



an unpleasant sensation in the epigastric region, along the esophagus, and in the mouth, associated with stimulation of the vagus nerve; it is often accompanied by dizziness and weakness and usually ends in vomiting. Nausea may be produced by direct stimulation at the root of the tongue (as when a probe is swallowed), by disturbances in the abdominal organs, by various types of intoxications or infectious diseases, by the intake of certain medicines, or by motion sickness. Atropine or sedatives may be used to suppress nausea. Treatment is directed at the underlying disease.

What does it mean when you dream about nausea?

Purging and getting rid of a sickening situation or condition in the dreamer’s life can be indicated by this dream symbol.


Feeling of discomfort in the stomach region, accompanied by aversion to food and a tendency to vomit.


the sensation that precedes vomiting
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Before his eyes the hated faces swayed back and forth in the giddiness of nausea.
For the first time in his life he had killed a human being, and he knew nausea as he contemplated the mess of his handiwork.
It is quite indescribable: several times whilst skinning the specimen which is now mounted at the Zoological Museum, I was almost overcome by nausea.
I therefore gave him quite as much as his father was accustomed to allow him; as much, indeed, as he desired to have - but into every glass I surreptitiously introduced a small quantity of tartar-emetic, just enough to produce inevitable nausea and depression without positive sickness.
Lute had controlled herself well, but now she was aware of a quick nausea and a trembling of weakness.
As it was, it made me quite squeamish, though this nausea might have been due to the pain of my leg and exhaustion.
And now only cometh unto him the great terror, the great outlook, the great sickness, the great nausea, the great sea-sickness.
Life had such a strong hold upon him that a fresh wave of nausea broke out in slight perspiration upon his brow.
I couldn't indeed, Sir,' replied Brass, who was almost dead from nausea and the closeness of the room.
Recommendations with the strongest evidence for prevention and management of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy include taking prenatal vitamins for 3 months prior to conception, and treating nausea and vomiting with vitamin [B.
In addition, the incidence of nausea was shown to be greater than vomiting, with 60% of patients reporting nausea alone, compared to just 4% for vomiting and 14% for nausea and vomiting (NV).
Akynzeo comprises a new anti-nausea drug, palonosetron, and netupitant, which was approved to treat vomiting and nausea in 2008.