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The shells were manufactured at the Ordnance Factory Khadki and shipped to the Naval Armament Depot at Alwaye near Kochi.
John said: "As a police officer with the Ministry of Defence, most of my career was spent guarding Britain's nuclear deterrent at the Royal Naval Armament Depot, Coulport, near Helensburgh.
That is why we are taking all precautions to face any eventuality," he told the media after inaugurating a seminar on naval armament.
The Naval Armament Act of 1794 authorized the construction and manning of six new frigates.
48% stake in Dastan, producing naval armament and torpedoes, will be given to Russia - such talks were held in Bishkek last week by Russian Vice Prime Minister Igor Sechin.
Veteran anti-nuclear campaigners Joan Meredith, 77, and Irene Willis, 62, of Southend, Essex, said they walked into Royal Naval Armament Depot Coulport on the Clyde just after midnight.
Dear Editor, -I was discharged from the Royal Engineers at the end of 1940 as 'ceasing to fulfil Army physical requirements' and went to work at my trade in the Royal Naval Armament Depot at Chattenden.
Liquid waste from the Trident missile programme would be taken by road from the Royal Naval Armament Depot in Scotland to a waste disposal company near Slough in Berkshire.
collection, transport and treatment of household waste and waste not dangerous with separate collection, to the institutions of the Directorate General of Naval Armament and Technical Tests Missiles (2) lots.
Speaking after inaugurating a seminar on naval armament in the national capital, Antony said these reports were "totally baseless".
At that time Fishguard did not have the kind of tourist trade enjoyed by the southern county resorts, but the harbour and later the RNAD (Royal Naval Armament Depot) complex in Trecwn provided the critical mass of employment that supported the economy the year round.

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