naval science

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naval science:

see strategy and tacticsstrategy and tactics,
in warfare, related terms referring, respectively, to large-scale and small-scale planning to achieve military success. Strategy may be defined as the general scheme of the conduct of a war, tactics as the planning of means to achieve strategic objectives.
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He continued studies at the College of the Holy Cross, where he obtained his bachelor's degree with majors in naval science and philosophy.
Goal to Drive Alignment with Naval Science and Technology Strategic Plan and Recommend Operational Improvements that Enhance Efficiency, Quality of Life
After graduating from high school in 1937, Gould studied mechanical engineering at the University of Utah, naval architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and naval science at Dartmouth College.
She will report to Naval Science Institute, Rhode Island, in February 2012 after her selection for the Seaman to Admiral (STA 21) program, and a primary candidate for the FY12 Supply Corps option.
He continued studies at the College of the Holy Cross where Marty obtained his Bachelor degree with Majors in Naval Science and Philosophy.
He holds a Master of Science degree in naval architecture and marine engineering from MIT and a Bachelor of Science degree in naval science from the United States Naval Academy.
Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL) located at Visakhapatnam was severely affected by Hudhud cyclone, which struck Visakhapatnam on 12th October 2014.
In relevant remarks on Monday, Fadavi said Tehran had outpaced Washington in producing naval science.
Brennock, a senior naval science instructor at Quabbin, thought the event would be a valuable experience for JROTC members, he said.
Janice Brooks, who are both naval science instructors at the school.
He holds a Bachelor of Science in Naval Science and a Master of Arts Degree in Management and Human Relations from Webster University.

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