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Overall, nearsighted people were about 90 per cent more likely to also develop open-angle glaucoma, with those who had higher levels of myopia appearing to be at higher risk of glaucoma as well.
Nearly one out of five Asian-American children in the study was nearsighted, and an equal percentage of white children was farsighted.
Fifty-one percent of nearsighted patients obtained 20/16 vision or better, 70 percent obtained 20/20 or better, and 95 percent obtained 20/40 or better (the vision standard for receiving a driver's license in most states), according to recent clinical data.
1) Nineteen percent of the patients, including many that were operated on twice, remain nearsighted.
4% who had completed less than eight years of formal study were nearsighted, while 19.
The warning signals flashing at Robins headquarters were enough to blind the most nearsighted freight train conductor.
Nearsightedness has increased steadily in North America and Europe in recent decades, with one-third of adults in the United States now nearsighted.
Patients should be nearsighted (myopic) and NOT currently wearing contact lenses.
I am very nearsighted, am 89 years old, and do a good deal of reading without difficulty.
It is a special election that reflects the nearsighted agenda of special interests and misses the mark on issues that truly matter to California.
Nearsighted people, those who struggle to see far away things, get a new look at life.