necrotizing fasciitis

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necrotizing fasciitis,

a quickly progressing infection of the skin that spreads along the fascia, the tissue that covers the muscles. (Necrotizing infections that spread along the outer skin layers are known as necrotizing cellulitis.) Necrotizing fasciitis is most commonly caused by toxins released by a strain of Group A streptococcal bacteria (S. pyrogenes; see streptococcusstreptococcus
, any of a group of gram-positive bacteria, genus Streptococcus, some of which cause disease. Streptococci are spherical and divide by fission, but they remain attached and so grow in beadlike chains.
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), but it also may be caused by Staphylococcus aureus (see staphylococcusstaphylococcus
, any of the pathogenic bacteria, parasitic to humans, that belong to the genus Staphylococcus. The spherical bacterial cells (cocci) typically occur in irregular clusters [Gr. staphyle=bunch of grapes].
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); other bacteria may also be present.

Popularly known as "flesh-eating disease," the infection typically begins as a warm, very painful red swelling, sometimes at the site of a minor injury. Patients usually have a high fever and may feel ill, dizzy, and confused; the infection spreads rapidly, and tissue in older infected areas turns purplish or black as it dies. Necrotizing fasciitis is treated with surgery (to remove infected tissue) and intravenous antibiotics (high-dose penicillin and clindamycin). If not treated promptly, the toxins produced by the bacteria can cause septic shock and lead to death within 24 hours; roughly 30% of infected patients die.

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John Crew realized that, because of NeutroPhase's ability to kill microbes and neutralize toxins in solution, the wound cleanser offered a potential advance in the treatment of necrotizing fasciitis.
Known in the medical community as necrotizing fasciitis or NF, the flesh-eating bacteria is often caused by the same bacterium that causes strep throat.
Modern concepts of the diagnosis and treatment of necrotizing fasciitis.
Crew's innovation was irrigating the spreading wounds of necrotizing fasciitis victims with NeutroPhase, a product from NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Emphysematous cystitis combined with necrotizing fasciitis.
However, extensive review of hospital records identified only 1 case of GAS necrotizing fasciitis in the past 5 years, which underscores the otherwise rarity of these episodes in northeastern Wyoming.
Systemic Vibrio infection presenting as necrotizing fasciitis and sepsis.
Left eye involvement was suspected and an urgent computerized tomography (CT) scan identified tissue features in keeping with a left retro-orbital necrosis secondary to a rapidly spreading facial necrotizing fasciitis.
As 'bath salts' gain popularity, medical centers of all disciplines must be prepared to identify not only the signs of intoxication, but the potential side effects including deadly necrotizing fasciitis," Dr.
A fatal case of necrotizing fasciitis caused postoperatively by A.
The LRINEC (Laboratory Risk Indicator for Necrotizing Fasciitis) score: a tool for distinguishing necrotizing fasciitis from other soft tissue infections.
Necrotizing fasciitis is an uncommon but serious soft tissue infection that is associated with extensive local tissue destruction, systemic toxicity, and a fulminant clinical course.

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