network administrator

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Network Administrator

A person who manages a communications network within an organisation. Responsibilities include network security, installing new applications, distributing software upgrades, monitoring daily activity, enforcing licensing agreements, developing a storage management program and providing for routine backups.

network administrator

A person who manages a local area communications network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) for an organization. Responsibilities include network security, installing new hardware and applications, monitoring software upgrades and daily activity, enforcing licensing agreements, developing a storage management program and providing for routine backups, not to mention ensuring that it is up and running all the time. Some headache! See system administrator, WAN administrator, system development life cycle, job descriptions and salary survey.

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Arxceo[R] Corporation, a provider of anti-reconnaissance and anomaly-based attack prevention technology, today announced the availability of Arxceo Ally ReconAlert, a free software package for Windows that enables network administrators to continuously monitor Syslog output from their Ally ip100[TM] security appliance.
CyberGauge helps network administrators monitor and manage their Internet bandwidth by automatically creating real-time utilization graphs as well as daily, weekly, and monthly quality of service (QoS) and billing reports.
With Threat Analysis Reporter, 8e6 and its technology partners are taking content filtering and reporting to the next level by allowing network administrators to isolate threats down to the individual user and enabling companies to take immediate corrective action.
0, a major upgrade to the patent pending software solution that enables network administrators to enforce the security principle of Least Privilege on Windows desktops via Microsoft's Group Policy change and configuration management system.
The AirWave Management Platform and AirMagnet Distributed are flexible, scalable enterprise-grade solutions that are used by Fortune 500 network administrators to monitor, administer and secure organizations' WLANs across multiple campuses and office locations.
The release by Microsoft of XP SP2 is providing network administrators with an important tool to increase network security.
Since digital KVM signaling is based on the IP protocol, network administrators can control servers and other devices in the data center--or across the globe--from any computer with a Web browser.
By giving network administrators a single point of configuration control, ConfigSENTRY prevents many configuration-related network problems while generating significant operational cost savings.
AirMagnet Enterprise -- which enables network administrators to centrally manage global WLAN deployments, streamline security policies across multiple sites, and actively diagnose and fix problems remotely -- ensures wireless networks are as reliable as their wired counterparts.
Network administrators can enable automatic top-up of SkypeOut credits to individual Skype accounts and centrally manage company invoices.

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