network appliance

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network appliance

(1) A specialized device for use on a network. For example, Web servers, cache servers and file servers can be implemented as general-purpose computers with the appropriate software or as network appliances, which are computers dedicated to a single function and cannot do anything else. See server appliance, Internet appliance and Web cache.

All-In-One Network Appliance
The ChiliBox is an example of an earlier network appliance that combined a router, firewall, e-mail server, DNS, virtual private network (VPN), backup and remote file sharing in one system. It was designed to solve most network requirements for a small business. (Image courtesy of Chili Systems, Inc.,

(2) (Network Appliance, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, A leading provider of network file storage and content delivery systems. Founded in 1992, it pioneered the network attached storage (NAS) device as an extension of the industry trend toward single-function products. It developed storage, content distribution and reporting software and content delivery platforms under the Filer and NetCache brands. Network Appliance products use the innovative Data ONTAP operating system and WAFL file system, support multiple protocols and provide transparent integration between Unix and Windows. See NAS, WAFL, ICAP, DAFS, NetApp Filer, NetCache and Content Alliance.
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As many integrators and IT professionals are learning today, the storage network appliance is the answer to the hard problems associated with building a bulletproof, cost-effective, scalable storage network.
COTS and GOTS Application Integration -- Bivio's network appliance platforms are high-performance, programmable network devices that combines groundbreaking scalable hardware architecture with a software platform that includes a standard Linux-based execution environment and a comprehensive set of networking features.
NetApp is a registered trademark and Network Appliance is a trademark of Network Appliance, Inc.
Allen joined Network Appliance in December 1996 as the company's CFO and vice president of finance and operations, where he oversaw the company's strong financial performance and rapid revenue growth.
NetApp is a registered trademark and Network Appliance and The evolution of storage are trademarks of Network Appliance, Inc.
This press release contains forward-looking statements relating to the anticipated relationship between Secure Computing and Network Appliance and the integration of Secure Computing's products with the NetCache product, and the expected benefits of such, and such statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties.
As part of the grant, Network Appliance will be investing $59 million over five years in people, land, buildings, and capital equipment.
Forward-looking statements include any statement regarding future events or the future financial performance of Network Appliance, Inc.
NetApp and the Network Appliance logo are registered trademarks and Network Appliance, ONTAPI, SnapVault, and The evolution of storage are trademarks of Network Appliance Inc.
Ron Bianchini, former president, CEO, and cofounder of Spinnaker, will be vice president and general manager of Spin Operating Systems and Gateway Business at Network Appliance, and will continue as the leader of the Network Appliance Pittsburgh Technology Center.
Cooperative agreements, such as the one announced today between Network Appliance and Cisco, offer customers investment protection by giving them the flexibility to grow their storage networks with more scalable solutions.

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