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A connection or interconnection of a communications system, such as a data link or a network of branches and nodes.


(1) (Nexus) A line of pure Android phones and tablets endorsed by Google. See Google Nexus.

(2) (Nexus) A line of network switches from Cisco.

(3) (Nexis) A legal database. See LexisNexis.

(4) A connecting point or bond between two entities.

(5) A software module in the Windows security platform (see NGSCB).
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Technical Specifications Nexus 6 (rumoured specs) Nexus 5 (actual) Display screen 5.
If there can be a "latest thing" in state and local tax, economic nexus is it--an income (or other type) tax filing requirement that a state imposes on a taxpayer that performs no solicitation, maintains no physical presence and is otherwise not "doing business" in the state.
Last year, Nexus 5 carried the flagship of Android KitKat around the same time right after the statue of the new Android appears at Google HQ in the U.
Working through the MTC, 26 states issued Nexus Program Bulletin 95-1, targeting the computer direct marketing industry.
Although the transactions at issue -- the use of goods in the state by the customers and the shipping of the goods by the seller -- established the requisite transactional nexus between the activity and the state, the Supreme Court held that there was insufficient presence nexus between the putative taxpayer and the state.
ONE OF THE KEYS to determining if a company owes sales tax in a particular state is nexus, a physical presence in the state that creates a definite link between the state and the transaction it seeks to tax.
The solution worked on Nexus 5 and Nexus 9 at the same time connecting to singular "work network" using the following steps:
15) Accordingly, nonresidents may find that they are not subject to an income tax return filing requirement in certain nonresident states where they work, despite the fact that their employer withholds wages on income earned in that state as a result of its nexus with the taxing state.
The first Guideline provision states that ownership of real or tangible personal property in the taxing state is sufficient to create "physical presence" and, therefore, "substantial nexus.
Google decided to extend a wide variety of new apps and services to older Nexus devices via Android 5.