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nidge, nig

In masonry, to dress the face of a stone with a sharply pointed hammer instead of a chisel and a mallet.
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For that matter, they were all loafing,--Buck, John Thornton, and Skeet and Nig,--waiting for the raft to come that was to carry them down to Dawson.
Unlike Skeet, who was wont to shove her nose under Thornton's hand and nudge and nudge till petted, or Nig, who would stalk up and rest his great head on Thornton's knee, Buck was content to adore at a distance.
Skeet and Nig were too good-natured for quarrelling,--besides, they belonged to John Thornton; but the strange dog, no matter what the breed or valor, swiftly acknowledged Buck's supremacy or found himself struggling for life with a terrible antagonist.
They were of the same large type as Thornton, living close to the earth, thinking simply and seeing clearly; and ere they swung the raft into the big eddy by the saw- mill at Dawson, they understood Buck and his ways, and did not insist upon an intimacy such as obtained with Skeet and Nig.
His first glance was for Buck, over whose limp and apparently lifeless body Nig was setting up a howl, while Skeet was licking the wet face and closed eyes.
Brokers continue to build out their digital operations strategy, and demand for eTrading continues to rise from our broker partners as part of this transformation, said Jaime Swindle, director of Broker eTrade, NIG.
NIG, part of Direct Line, also refuses to pay up, saying that Glenn has failed to provide "substantial evidence" that the damage occurred on their watch.
We first fit the model to the mortality rates from 1900 to 1984 using the normal, JD, variance gamma (VG), and NIG distributions, and then we forecast the development of the mortality curve for the subsequent 25 years.
Jon Greenwood, Managing Director at NIG, said: "UK businesses continue to face a very challenging economic environment and a key aspect of this for many firms has been the rising cost of the materials they use to build their products.
NIG are fighting this stipulation, alleging that its contract with Carlyle is void because the US firm did not have a securities licence to offer investment products in Kuwait.
In a motion filed this month with a Delaware court hearing the case, NIG argues that the dispute should be heard in Kuwait because Carlyle lacked the legal basis to pitch the deal there in the first place.
Carlyle says that as part of the contract with NIG, any disputes arising from the investment should be resolved in the court system of the US state of Delaware.