night crawler

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night crawler:

see earthwormearthworm,
terrestrial, cylindrical segmented worm of the class Oligochaeta. There are 2,200 earthworm species, found all over the world except in arid and arctic regions and ranging in size from 1 in. (2.5 cm) to the 11-ft (330-cm) giant worms of the tropics.
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The lid had pin-prick air holes and a picture of a night crawler on it: googly eyes and a fishing hat and a grin.
Using mulches will encourage night crawlers, as will creating grassy mowed pathways, which you might think of as night crawler reservoirs.
For his final challenge Burrell had to eat night crawler worms, huge beetle larvae, cockroaches, ``vomit'' fruit and, finally, kangaroos' testicles.
Megan and Chase catch one night crawler each night for ten days.
Earlier, Fash trembled as meal worms, crayfish, stink beetles, night crawler worms, bush cockroaches, Goliath stick insects and crickets were poured into his trousers.
The sparrow that arrives before everyone else is the one that snatches the night crawler.
His Westchester Lady and Night Crawler have both been popular as samples for the hip-hop generation.
Impervious stone walls greet the noble night crawler and the descent down into the club is more like entering Dantes Inferno than Doran's disco.
Lumbricus terrestris - the common night crawler - is also a valuable tool for determining the health and viability of crop-producing soils.
an exotic species of earthworm - Eudrilus eugeniae - commonly called 'African Night Crawler.
And if you've ever used a fat night crawler to catch a bass or crappie, you know that earthworms make great fishing bait.