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They point to nine nominees who were supposedly denied hearings because of lack of two positive blue slips.
3- Anwar al Haq Ahadi, Nominee Minister of Commerce and Industries
Harlan marked the beginning of a practice, continuing to the present, of each Court nominee testifying before the Judiciary Committee.
3) On only 2 of these occasions did a president discuss a nominee prior to referral to the Senate.
Host Ellen DeGeneres, left, danced a jig in honor of the nominees while, above from left, Jack Black, John C.
BEING JULIA This backstage comedy features a gay British lord (Bruce Greenwood) and a stealth lesbian arts patron (Miriam Margolyes), but the whole show belongs to its sole nominee, Annette Bening.
The court saw no practical difference between the nominee and alter ego theories.
So intent is the President on avoiding any association with the L-word that he has jettisoned virtually every nominee who has become even marginally controversial.
together, "Ramius"), today urged stockholders to support its industry-expert nominees at the upcoming Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
It was easy to sing the praises of eight-time nominee Mary J.
When one person has a majority, he or she becomes a nominee," he said.
In the past, presidents had selected judges by getting one nominee from a homestate senator, and then running a routine background check.