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This pendulum of faith and doubt that runs through Betjemans work echoes the sense of personal inadequacy that Nonconformists brought to a serious desire to worship, and it partly accounts for Betjemans psychological affinity for Nonconformity as well as his spiritual and poetic sympathy for Cowper.
What is important to consider is that some of our ancestors would have belonged to one of these Nonconformist religions at some point during their life.
In the first chapter, the nexus for these issues is the Warrington Academy, the nonconformist school known as the "Athens of the North.
Sell, Nonconformist Theology in the Twentieth Century.
Nonconformist ministers continued to stress the importance of revelation and the Word of God.
Nonconformist chapels were particularly prevalent here in the northwest.
By their nonconformist stance modern pagan intellectuals strive to "construct authenticity for their practices according to academic paradigms, and simultaneously [reject] academic authority as the ultimate seal of approval for their productions" (54-55).
After the Restoration, the vision which had inspired Dorchester reformation began to fade, partly because the new generation lacked the enthusiasm of the original leaders and partly because the restored monarchy and church occasionally persecuted nonconformists.
Women, minorities, workers, the poor, criminal suspects, prison inmates, nonconformists, lesbian and gay people-the list of losers is relentlessly dispiriting.
Before it was all over, these two would be labeled "loose-cannon" nonconformists within their agency-and as extraordinary fireprotection organizers.
Denzil Morgan, professor of Theology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, tells the programme: "Traditionally, the Nonconformists had not been comfortable at all with the idea of warfare.
Finch, an Associate Professor in the Department of Religion at Missouri State University, is still battling the ghost of Perry Miller, arguing that he overemphasizes the split between body and soul in nonconformist culture and overlooks "the central importance of corporality in nonconformists' philosophical, theological, and practical understandings of God, world, and the self "(4).