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What does it mean when you dream about numbness?

Being unable to relate to feelings in the physical body while dreaming may indicate that the dreamer has been in a state of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, in which the body is temporarily unable to move. Alternatively, this experience may indicate that the incident being dreamed about was too emotionally numbing for the dreamer to feel.

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But the medicine my doctor prescribed didn't cure the numbness, and, after undergoing numerous tests, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
This leads to excess weight bearing for your hands, arms, and shoulders, causing tingling and numbness in your hands and shoulder pain.
Some sufferers are left with a residual weakness, numbness and occasional pain.
DPN can result in foot numbness, severe leg pain, and can lead to the development of foot ulcers and can potentially result in amputation in the most severe cases.
Pins and needles and increasing numbness in your toes and feet, which seem to be getting worse.
SUN VALLEY - A 15-year-old football player was injured during a game Saturday at Francis Polytechnic High School and was airlifted to the hospital after complaining of neck pain and numbness in his left arm and right foot, the Los Angeles Fire Department reported.
A person with neuropathy can feel numbness or sharp pain in the fingers and toes.
1-3] Investigators have reported complications such as dysesthesia, pain, and numbness of the upper lip, as well as numbness of the upper teeth and alveolar region.
I have numbness on the surface of my leg, coupled with pain, arbitrary temperature change in the surface of my leg and occasional burning sensations.
Peripheral Neuropathy is nerve damage associated with diabetes and other chronic conditions, and the symptoms include numbness and/or pain in the feet, legs and hands.