numerical control

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numerical control:

see computer-aided manufacturingcomputer-aided manufacturing
(CAM), a form of automation where computers communicate work instructions directly to the manufacturing machinery. The technology evolved from the numerically controlled machines of the 1950s, which were directed by a set of coded instructions
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numerical control

A category of automated machine tools, such as drills and lathes, that operate from instructions in a program. Numerical control (NC) machines are used in manufacturing tasks, such as milling, turning, punching and drilling. Both NC and CNC (computerized NC) are used to describe this category.

First-generation machines were hardwired to perform specific tasks or programmed in a very low-level machine language. Today, they are controlled by microprocessors and are programmed in high-level languages, such as APT and COMPACT II, which automatically generate the tool path (physical motions required to perform the operation).

The term was coined in the 1950s when the instructions to the tool were numeric codes. Just like the computer industry, symbolic languages were soon developed, but the original term remained.
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The Company believed, with strong support from the PRC government to promote the implementation of CEM model to facilitate the energy-saving service sector in the economy, China Innovation and China Trends are expected that the possible cooperation with China Oriental Numerical Control could further develop the CEM business and the cooperation in the operation and marketing for solar electric vehicle with the application of numerical control system in China Trends Group and the investee companies of China Innovation.
Tender for the supply of integrated machine tool which simultaneously provides the functionality of a work center for milling numerical control of 5-axis and an additive manufacturing system by means of laser sintering of metal powders in the laboratories Prom Facility.
Furnish And Deliver Computer Numerical Control Machine To The Department Of Parks And Recreation Maintenance Division County Of Hawaii.
Mitsubishi Electric's new numerical control method compensates error based on target-path prediction rather than command tool position.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison, hereinafter referred to as the "University", through its Purchasing Services Department, hereinafter referred to as "Purchasing," on behalf of the College of Engineering, requests bids for the purchase of a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Water Jet Cutting Machine with a 4 x4 cutting area.
Buckinghamshire-based computer numerical control expert TTL has joined the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry.
Contract award: Supply, installation and commissioning of an edm machine with numerical control for micro milling and micro.

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