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symbol for the element sodiumsodium,
a metallic chemical element; symbol Na [Lat. natrium]; at. no. 11; at. wt. 22.98977; m.p. 97.81°C;; b.p. 892.9°C;; sp. gr. 0.971 at 20°C;; valence +1. Sodium is a soft, silver-white metal.
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The country code for Namibia.
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After students pass the classes' final exams, they receive an English certificate and are ready to take the state nurse's aide test.
Besides the already meager time allotment for home care, the nurse's aides themselves are poorly paid and are not provided health insurance as a job benefit.
Onyekwere was employed as a certified nurse's aide at Lanessa Extended Care, 751 School St.
The court further rejected the patient's contention that sovereign immunity was not waived because the nurse's aide did "not use the intercom" in the patient's room to "call for assistance" from her supervisor to determine from a nurse if it would be appropriate to get her out of bed.
A Sylmar nurse's aide who asked not to be identified said that three years after obtaining her certification, she still makes just $7.
First training program for geriatric nursing assistants (intended to create a level of nursing between a nurse's aide and a licensed practical nurse) approved, with funding coming from the Federal Manpower Development Training Act.
There needs to be a fully funded and staffed Federal nurse's aide registry so that providers are able to access all other state databases to determine if an employment candidate has prior convictions or pending charges in another state.
A retired nurse's aide from North Tonawanda, New York, won the largest slot-machine jackpot in Canadian history at Casino Niagara today.
After pulling eight hours there, Julio went over to the Beverly Manor Convalescent Hospital in Panorama City for another eight as a nurse's aide, helping old people live out their lives in some dignity.
Sniffles & Snuggles(R) is a special get-well center for children who are mildly ill, administered under a registered nurse or nurse's aide and is licensed for up to 14 children at one time.
Hospital officials said a nurse's aide woke the woman early Sunday and gave her the wrong baby.