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In Witchcraft, a salute is the term used for a ritual kiss. Witches acknowledge that hugging and kissing are a natural part of life for humans who are close to one another, as coven members are.

There are certain ritual kisses known variously as the "three-fold salute," the "five-fold salute," and the "eight-fold salute." The three-fold salute traces the outline of a triangle and is done on mouth, breast, breast, back to mouth (to close the figure). The five-fold salute describes a pentagram and is genitals, right foot, left knee, right knee, right foot, genitals. The eight-fold salute is both of these salutes, one after the other. In some Wiccan traditions there is an inverted three-fold salute, which is genitals, breast, breast, genitals. Kissing these parts of the person is an acknowledgement of the sacredness of his or her body and of life. It is also an honoring of the God or Goddess within every person.



a solemn form of greeting or the payment of respect by means of artillery or rifle salvos, flags, and so forth as provided for by special regulations. A salute is used to mark important events (for instance, an artillery salute in Moscow and other cities of the USSR on national holidays), during military parades, and at funerals of servicemen and state officials.

International conventions and the internal regulations of the naval powers provide for a salute as a form of rendering naval honors. An exchange of salutes usually takes place when warships (above a specified water displacement) visit ports that have coast batteries, which return the salute. A salute of nations—21 guns—is rendered (simultaneously with the hoisting of the flag of the state) by a foreign warship that arrives in the territorial waters of another state. If the head of state, the ambassador, or some other high official is on board the ship, the fort salutes first.

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The people were clad in colorful clothes and performed special prayers and paid obeisance to various Gods.
In Amritsar, thousands flocked to the Golden Temple to pay obeisance.
The yatra was, however, progressing smoothly and 4,55,765 pilgrims had paid obeisance at the shrine till on Saturday afternoon, the officials said.
President Zardari is making a three-hour stopover here today (Sunday) and will have a one-on-one meeting with Dr Singh before flying to Ajmer to pay obeisance at the shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti.
This tourist season as well, hundreds of Buddhists monks, devotees and tourists from across the world have landed in Bodh Gaya to pay obeisance to Buddha or on sightseeing tours.
With their corruption and their craven obeisance to commercial interests, fIfA are steadily destroying the world Cup.
Suu Kyi arrived at the mausoleum as a family member of Aung San and laid three flower baskets before the tomb of her father before bending down on the floor and paying obeisance.
The very idea of the city council's obeisance towhat the Tory-led government was selling to Liverpool suspended belief before judgement.
They should not be compelled to participate in or show obeisance to official prayers while serving our country.
In this third contribution to a new series developed by Peeters Publishers, the prolific comparativist Francis Clooney offers a theological exposition of three short verses round in the Srivaisnava devotional tradition of South India: (1) the Tiru Mantra ("Om, obeisance to Narayana [Vishnu]"); (2) the Dvaya Mantra ("I approach for refuge the feet of Narayana with Sri.
En route, a comfortable-looking Harrison says, there is "love, hookups, backstabbing, cheating, scandals and crying," though not nearly enough to distract from the show s tedious obeisance to a formula that has become more familiar than the lyrics to "Happy Birthday.
It went up from his shoes, the grubby grey woollen cardigan which he sometimes wore under his waistcoat, over these, past the egg-stain and up to his sallow porker's face, finally to the narrowing impatient eyes as he evidently waited for me to perform some act of obeisance.