object model

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object model

(1) (Document Object Model) See DOM.

(2) A description of an object-oriented architecture, including the details of the object structure, interfaces between objects and other object-oriented features and functions. See object-oriented programming.

(3) An object-oriented description of an application.
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Software developers can combine multiple independent object models into one project and support the re-use of object models across the entire enterprise.
together with the object model O, forms (D, E R, M), a foundation on which query models can be built.
The InFusion engineering environment includes both a unified, systemwide Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and powerful, object-based Equipment, Unit, and Plant Application Object Models.
The Mapping Object Model standard ("MOM") supports Information Mapping's information architecture from Formatting Solutions(TM) which is used by more than 250,000 people around the globe.
TrueBaseline can integrate this data into the SOAComply object model, thereby extending All-Dimensional Compliance beyond computer systems to the complete SOA business ecosystem.
Database Flexibility: Vanatec OpenAccess separates the storage details from the user's object model, so working with various database branches or database systems do not cause changes in the object model.
SoYo Source is a China-based open technology company that focuses on developing the Open Object Model (OOM) and provide commercial supports around OOM.

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