object-oriented database

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object-oriented database

(OODB) A system offering DBMS facilities in an object-oriented programming environment. Data is stored as objects and can be interpreted only using the methods specified by its class. The relationship between similar objects is preserved (inheritance) as are references between objects. Queries can be faster because joins are often not needed (as in a relational database). This is because an object can be retrieved directly without a search, by following its object id.

The same programming language can be used for both data definition and data manipulation. The full power of the database programming language's type system can be used to model data structures and the relationship between the different data items.

Multimedia applications are facilitated because the class methods associated with the data are responsible for its correct interpretation.

OODBs typically provide better support for versioning. An object can be viewed as the set of all its versions. Also, object versions can be treated as full fledged objects. OODBs also provide systematic support for triggers and constraints which are the basis of active databases. Most, if not all, object-oriented application programs that have database needs will benefit from using an OODB.

Ode is an example of an OODB built on C++.
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The main audience of this book is researchers who are interested in the topics of intelligent databases and soft computing, and want to gain an overview of current research topics and the latest research results in the field of fuzzy object-oriented databases It may also be interesting to practitioners faced with fuzzy information in their non-traditional application fields (e.
FracSIS Professional is a spatial database and 3D visualization package for exploration and mining, combining a powerful object-oriented database specifically designed to store geological, geochemical and geophysical data with an interactive 3D visualization environment.
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With delivery scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2003, Redding Bank of Commerce will leverage the Aurum Banking System, which operates on the IBM iSeries platform and offers tightly integrated Platform and Teller capabilities and a single, object-oriented database, to streamline operations and reduce processing time.
is the leading provider of real-time object-oriented databases for managing complex inter-related data.

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