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According to the development stages, Han did not reach the primary level of oblique projection (see Figure 11).
In Sections 5-6, we modify the basic setting by introducing an oblique projection that enables us to deflate approximate (possibly generalized) eigenspaces and to introduce a truly deflated GMRes method.
for the cranial limb on the lateral and oblique projections and for the caudal limb on the oblique projections.
Let W and M be two infinite dimensional closed subspaces of H such that H = W [direct sum] M [perpendicular to], and let Q be the oblique projection onto W parallel to M [perpendicular to], i.
In such cases, the ordering physician might request routine oblique projections to better demonstrate the patella in a relatively unobscured manner.
Our gradient recovery technique is based on the oblique projection operator [Q.
To obtain a lateromedial oblique projection, the mammographer rotates the assembly: a.
This also features student presentations on eigenspace decomposition, square roots of positive operators, polar decomposition, oblique projections and frames and Vandermonde determinants.
2) In oblique projections of the upper thorax, the pattern of contrast media in the esophagus, trachea, and fistulous tract can resemble the letter H, especially in patients with congenital fistulas.
The ACR standard specifies additional projections that may be required under certain circumstances (eg, cross-table lateral projections for trauma and oblique projections to assess the neural foramina).
Because it is often difficult to perform traditional oblique projections in patients who have limited mobility, the nontraditional projections presented in this article may be valuable in some instances.