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Complete removal of an organ or other body part by disease or surgical excision.
Closure of a lumen.
Loss of memory or consciousness of specific events.



(1) In medicine, the complete closure of a hollow or tubular organ as a result of proliferation of tissue—usually connective tissue—from the organ’s walls. Obliteration usually results from an inflammation; more rarely, from the proliferation of a tumor. Obliteration can produce serious disorders, for example, endarteritis obliterans. Retention cysts, such as atheromas, can develop from the obliteration of certain ducts, including glandular ducts. Complete obliteration of the oviducts leads to sterility. Obliteration can also be a healthy sign or condition. For example, obliteration of the pleural cavity in pleurisy is an indication of healing, and obliteration of the vaginal process of the peritoneum occurs in the normal course of development.

(2) In botany, the normal flattening of cells and tissues. The intercellular and intracellular cavities of a plant can be filled because of obliteration. Examples of the disappearance of internal cavities because of obliteration can be found in the membranes of some fruits, in the tissues of a developing embryo, and in a plant stem that is growing thicker.

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Projected into the crease of a split screen that obliterates Jackson's head and torso, the two-channel video makes the freaky pop star only slightly creepier than usual, his sequined arms and legs scuttling along Pfeiffer's meticulously engineered vanishing point like a plump silverfish pinned in the gallery corner by beams of light.
The seduction of war is insidious because so much of what we are told about it is true: It does create a feeling of comradeship, which obliterates our alienation and makes us, for perhaps the only time of our life, feel we belong.
Burn is a freeware application that completely obliterates files from your hard-disk drive.
The work's unremitting forward propulsion creates a monochromatic mood which obliterates many of its imaginative details and ultimately chokes Pelton's ability to communicate.
Losses can occur for several reasons: a computer "crash," which occurs when the hard disk drive that stores data malfunctions; the office is hit by an electrical blackout, corrupting data stored on the hard disk; an employee purposely or accidentally erases data; a fire or other disaster destroys the office; or a computer virus obliterates all the data files.
Should the West ban clothing which obliterates a woman's identity--or is it religiously intolerant and anti-woman to do so?
The choreography affirms their estimable athleticism but obliterates dynamic nuance.
He is at once victim, hero, martyr: a metaphor for his own fragility as an HlV-positive person--though, happily, his robust presence obliterates all traces of potential mortality.
A big blue rectangle set slightly left of center obliterates all but two buildings of the nocturnal cityscape.