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The next repeater sign further up London Road heading towards the city centre is leaning over away from the kerb and also obscured by undergrowth.
If a sign was obscured, it could not be said the road was adequately signed, said Mr Cranfield.
The placement of the stop sign for the subject intersection was too remote from the intersection itself to serve as an adequate warning, and the stop sign was allowed to be obscured from view by drivers on 35th Street West approaching Avenue L,'' the lawsuit said.
Obscured by their uncertain numbers, the dense multiformity of family responses to them, and the unpredictability of legal action by and against them, the experience of bastards is recounted in massive detail but eludes a comprehensive assessment of illegitimacy in Renaissance Florence.
When the conscience is weakened the sen se of God is also obscured, and as a result, with the loss of this decisive inner point of reference, the sense of sin is lost.
We report two cases in which intranasal neoplasms were obscured as a result of a significant distortion of the normal anatomy.
In our final example, we see a partially obscured face of a child biting into a donut at a corporate event.
Along comes a seductress, walking on hands, her head totally obscured, her all-important upper extremities (legs) preening, bending sensuously, her luscious high arches winking in best come-hither style.
And I suspect that pattern will eventually prevail, with the result that the supernatural roots of this way of measuring time will become as obscured as the natural ones are.
His history goes from Erigena's view of "mechanical arts" as a knowledge obscured by the Fall to Protestant activism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
The controversial key to the success of these claims for Y2K-remediation expenses is an obscure property insurance provision known as the "sue and labor" clause, which, as one court more than 75 years ago put it, "is so old that its origin is obscured by antiquity.
When protesters interrupted a speech by New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani at the August national convention of Log Cabin republicans, a gay lobbying group, the demonstration obscured what might well have been more important news.