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The closing of an opening or passage.
A form of intestinal obstruction in which the lumen is occupied by its normal contents or by foreign bodies.
Sealing of the breech of a gun to prevent escape of propellant gases in firing.



the sealing of the barrel when firing a firearm in order to prevent the forward or backward escape of powder gases.

In guns that load by cartridge, obturation is achieved by the use of a brass cartridge case that expands when the gun is fired and ensures that the barrel is sealed on the breech side. In artillery guns that are loaded separately, obturation is achieved by using special devices in the breech called obturators. Escape of the gases in the direction of shell movement is prevented by the rotary bands of shells and casings of bullets; in mortars it is prevented by annular grooves on the cylindrical part of the shell.

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The Foster slugs have very shallow rifling and since these slugs obturate in shotgun bores, most of these grooves are ironed out in the process.
Three techniques have been suggested to obturate an immature tooth, which involved the use of a root filling material without the induction of apical closure.
Weine2 in 1969 suggested that inability to identify instrument and obturate the MB-2 canal could lead to endodontic failure in these teeth.
The evaluation of CBCT images can result in better understanding of root canal anatomy which en- ables the clinician to investigate the root canal system and to clean shape and obturate it more efficiently.
Neither abrasion nor attrition usually results in hypersensitivity due to the force-created smear layer, which obturates dentin tubules.
The darts, however, are a real improvement over the ones I used to make; they're injection-molded polymer with a hollow, funnel-like shape which obturates to form a perfect seal.
Company engineers devised an innovative two-part polymer wad system that ensures that the slug obturates concentrically in the bore every time.